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Friday Homework


    For homework this week, we are giving you a project.


    You have been designing your dream home in class.  We would like you to now build this at home.  As discussed in class, you can use any materials you want to: lego, junk modelling, clay, cardboard etc.  As architect and designer, you have the freedom to decide.

    You have been working with a partner in class so for homework you can choose either to now make your own version of the house or to make part of it (e.g. Partner A makes the house and Partner B makes the grounds).    Remember, the house must fit on an A4 sheet of paper and the grounds/ surroundings must fit on an A3 piece. 


    You have until Tuesday, 7th June to complete your work and bring it in to class – although we would love to see it if it’s completed sooner.


    Remember to talk to your teacher if you are unsure of what to do, have any concerns or need help.


    Get building!


    Friday 11th March, 2016


    This term we are thinking about Dreams that have changed the world and, so far in class, we have been learning about Martin Luther King and the Suffragettes.  For homework this week we would like you to do some research on an individual who had a dream to change the world (inspirational people).  Use books or the internet to find out as much about your person as you can.   You can make notes or print out information that will be helpful to you.  We will be using this in class next week.

    You could choose to research any of these people:

    Nelson Mandela       Malala Yousafzai     Rosa Parks    Stephen Hawking     Gandhi

    James Dyson   Anita Roddick       Aung San Suu Kyi     Steve Jobs   Mark Zuckerberg                                                              …or another person of your choice.

    Your research should include:

    When and where they lived                            

    What their dream was

    How they changed the world                

    If they worked with others to realise their dream

    What obstacles they faced and how they overcame them

                                                    … and any other information you think is important.

    This homework is due Tuesday 15th March.

    Term 4 Week 2 Line graphs

    Term 4 Week 1 Homework


    In Art this term we are learning about Surrealism and will eventually create a self-portrait in a dream landscape in the style of a chosen artist.  We preparation for this work, your homework is to create  a self-portrait 'mood board'.  This is one page (A3 or A4) all about YOU. 


    It could include:

    • photographs
    • cuttings from newspapers/ magazines
    • drawings
    • paintings

    ... of different things that are important to you. 


    If you aren't sure how to start, come and see Miss Smyth for an example.  Be creative and enjoy it!

    This is due on Tuesday 1st March.  We look forward to seeing them!

    Friday 14th November

    Mathletics homework this week.

    We have been playing this game in class and the children have really enjoyed it; it will be a good way to help them practise at home. Enjoy!

    t3wk5 Miss M's group homework